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Omega Classic Aluminum Carabiner Kong Carabiner Rock Exotica RockD Carabiner
Kong Guide Carabiner
Our Price: $13.95
The classic is, well, a classic. This carabiner is a perfect and simple shaped design for maximum strength, ease of use and extreme affordability.  Carabiner comes with a Screw Gate.
Heavy load aluminum carabiner. Designed for climbing and the use on quickdraws. The straight gate allows an easy clipping on the bolts. The contact surfaces are wider to reduce wear and improve the passage of the rope. The D shape transfers the majority of the load on the main axis of the carabiner, which is the most resistant.
High quality product entirely developed and produced in Italy.
Tested piece by piece.This carabiner is available as Straight or Screw Gate
Super-strong ā€œDā€. Available in auto lock or screw gate. Slightly angled gate for ergonomics and a wider gate opening. Made in the US.
Omega Jake HMS Jr Carabiner Kong Big D Carabiner HMS Sawtooth Carabiner
For those that love the Jake Carabiner but want all it has to offer in a smaller package... the Jake Jr is just the ticket. this carabiner is available in Twist Lock or Screw Gate; the Jr. is 10 percent lighter than the larger version. The large capacity of these bigger D carabiners make them useful for clipping multiple ropes and slings when needed. Helping you keep your belay anchors clean and organized.  Carabiner is available with Twist Lock or Screw Gate. The HMS Sawtooth carabiner is a perfect belay/rappel carabiner. It's single action autolock has super action and reduces the margin for error. The carabiner's large surface area makes for silky smooth rappels and belays. Comes with a Twist Lock Gate.
Petzl Ring Open Kong Carabiner Rock Exotica Pirate Carabiner
Petzl Ring Open
Our Price: $19.95

Multi-directional gated ring

The RING OPEN gated ring is designed for the semi-permanent connection of equipment. Its round shape ensures optimal functioning in all directions. It has a wide opening that allows installation of ropes with sewn terminations.


  • Ring designed for semi-permanent connection of equipment
  • Round shape ensures optimal functioning in all directions
  • Wide opening allows installation of ropes with sewn terminations


  • Major axis strength: 23 kN kN
  • Minor axis strength: 23 kN kN
  • Opening: 11 mm
  • Weight: 70 g
  • Certification(s): CE EN 362
  • Material(s): aluminum, plastic
The Heavy-Duty carabiners are designed for professional work and rescue use, where strength is paramount. With a screw gate closure, this carabiner offers extra security. The best belay biner. Improved, patented Keylock design. The highest inward strength and the biggest gate opening. Available in auto lock or  screw gate. Made in the US.
Petzl Am'D Pin-Lock Carabiner

Asymmetrical aluminum carabiner, unlocked with a tool

The Am'D PIN-LOCK asymmetrical aluminum carabiner is designed for use with groups. It secures the connection of the user thanks to its PIN-LOCK system, which can only be opened by the operator with a specific unlocking tool.


  • Carabiner designed for use with groups:
    - to fasten a harness (in combination with the CAPTIV positioning bar)
    - to connect a trolley to a continuous lifeline
  • Secures the connection of the user:
    - may be used with a CAPTIV positioning bar to favor loading of the carabiner along its major axis, to limit the risk of it flipping and to keep it integrated with the device
    - PIN-LOCK locking system is unlocked only with a special tool, limiting the risk of the user opening the carabiner
  • Easy to use by the operator:
    - Keylock system to avoid any involuntary snagging of the carabiner
    - two unlocking tools: for repeated manipulations, the unlocking pin can be installed directly on a glove; for immediate and occasional use, the unlocking ring can be kept on a carabiner on the harness
    - H-profile protects markings from abrasion and ensures improved strength-to-weight ratio
  • Sold in ready to assemble packs of 10 with two unlocking tools or individually with the unlocking ring only