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Client Leather Glove Adventure Park Gloves Zip Line Hand Brake Pad
The most popular glove designed for use on ziplines. Rocks Edge Adventure Park Gloves are specifically designed for improved dexterity and longer wear. The Best zipline hand brake strap there is! Works with nearly any glove, but designed to work best with Rocks Edge Zipline Client Glove.
EMT Scissors with Sheath Long Cuff Zipline Client Leather Glove Polycarbonate Visor
Polycarbonate Visor
Our Price: $9.95
Scissors that will cut rope, web, cloths or hair quickly in an emergency situation. The most popular glove designed for use on ziplines. A simple Polycarbonate visor
Edelweiss Rope/Harness Wash Hansen Rope Bag superclip
Hansen Rope Bag
Our Price: $15.99
Our Price: $23.95
Soap for cleaning polyamide products like ropes and harnesses. Holds up to 60m (196 ft) of 11mm rope Allows the user to clip from a distance
Petzl Ring Open Full Finger Zip Line Guide Glove Zip Line Guide Glove
Petzl Ring Open
Our Price: $24.95
The RING OPEN gated ring is designed for the semi-permanent connection of equipment. The Best Guide Glove! The most popular, best built, long lasting guide glove made! Full Finger and Fingerless: The Best Guide Glove! The most popular, best built, long lasting guide glove made!
Adventure Medical Kit .7Medical Kit Singing Rock 5 Step Jacob Etrier Misty Mountain Easy Step Aider
Adventure Medical Kit .7
Our Price: $29.00
Our standard course rescue bag 1st aid kit This 5 step etrier is comfortable and durable. Ladder style design for easy entry and helping with rescues/lowers.
Radio Harness Petzl Cordex Glove CMI Rope Washer
Adjusta Pro Radio Harness
Our Price: $37.00
Petzl Cordex Glove
Our Price: $39.95
CMI Rope Washer
Our Price: $46.30
adjust to hold any sized radio Lightweight belay/rappel gloves Natural, high-quality leather Durable double layer of leather in high-wear areas multi-jetting flow pattern that lifts dirt and contaminants out of rope
Vizen Face Shield Kong Long Visor Vizen Face Shield
VIZEN Face shield
Our Price: $69.95
Kong Long Visor
Our Price: $75.99
Face protection that preserves peripheral vision. Helmet visor made of high-quality polycarbonate Updated version of face protection that preserves peripheral vision.
Tubular Webbing Rope and Webbing CutterRope Cutter
Rope and Webbing Cutter
Our Price: $179.95
Cypher's tubular webbing is constructed to be the strongest webbing
available. With no more than three splices per spool and no less than 5
yards between each splice, the guarantees of quality, durability and the
highest strength rating are made possible. 1" Webbing. Made in the USA.
Fast and efficient hot blade