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The Chiji Guidebook Leader Who Is Hardly Known Lessons of the Way
The Chiji Guidebook
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Lessons of the Way
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The Chiji Guidebook: A Collection of Experiential Activities and Ideas for Using Chiji Cards
    By: Chris Cavert and Steven Simpson

his book is an instructional guide describing some of the different ways Chiji Cards can be used to facilitate key moments during group experiences. This guidebook gives a simple, straightforward explanation of the processing theory that coincides with the original use of Chiji Cards, and it provides a rationale for when to use one processing technique over another.

The Activity Guide Section of the book presents 25 different ways to use Chiji Cards. The activities are divided into six chapters—Processing Activities, Getting-To-Know-You, Frontloading Activities, Object Lessons, Initiative Activities, and Fun With Chiji Cards. Most of the activities we have developed ourselves, but several come directly from other experiential educators who have shared their uses of the cards with us.
The Leader Who Is Hardly Known: Self-less Teaching From the Chinese Tradition
  By: Steven Simpson, PhD

The Leader Who is Hardly Known is a series of essays, each beginning with a brief story focusing on the experiences and lessons of a teacher called “the Leader Who is Hardly Known.”  The stories are followed by Taoist quotes and the author’s thoughts relating to the story.  Taoist philosophy can have deep meaning for experiential educators because of the focus on natural spontaneity and unself-conscious learning and teaching.

Written in an order that emphasizes personality traits that affect leadership, commonalities to experiential education programs, then the necessity of connection to the natural world, the essays contained are intentionally short and can stand alone for reference and guidance.  The conclusion summarizes how the principles contained form a foundational philosophy for experiential education.
Lessons of the Way: Using Adventure Activities to Explore the Way of Jesus
          By: Greg Robinson, Ph.D and Mark Rose

“We cannot give what we do not have and we cannot teach what we do not live.  Our best lessons come out of our own questions, our own searching, our own discoveries.  Authenticity is the most important quality of a good teacher and in order to have that you must first consider and struggle with the same questions you want your students to struggle with.”

Lessons of the Way is a unique and comprehensive approach to spiritual formation and discipleship to Jesus that is grounded in the knowledge and use of experiential education.  Stories, scriptures, activities and questions create the basis for action, reflection, change and growth.  Here is an in-depth, practical resource for facilitators and leaders who want to embrace and share the foundational truths of spiritual formation found in its forerunner, Adventure and the Way of Jesus.
Games (& other stuff) for Group, Book 1 Games (& other stuff) for Group, Book 2 Tips & Tools
Tips & Tools
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Games (& other stuff) for Group, Book 1: Activities to Initiate Group Discussion
  By: Chris Cavert, MS & Friends

“The ultimate goal of an experiential facilitator is to guide participants through their own discovery of new experiences.  From these new experiences, participants can learn how to relate new skills, ideas, and behaviors to future life situations.”

Here are thirty-seven different 10- to 20-minute activities, focusing on topics that crucially affect experiences throughout life, including understanding gender issues, rumors and their effects, creativity, communication, and expression of emotions and frustrations.   This practical guide to experience and activity-based counseling is easily implemented for ages 12 to adult, and adaptable for younger audiences as well. Activities include “What Would it Be Like…?” and “Are You More Like…?” questions, Teaching Tales, Minute Mysteries, and assorted games.

The information in this book is presented with a spirit of adventure and fun. Making your group a fun place to be will surely encourage participation.  Adding some adventure (an undertaking involving the unknown) can create curiosity and motivate participation.  It is our job to find out what can light the fire inside.  These Games (& other stuff) for Group have really helped me.  I hope they can help you too.  Enjoy!
Games (& other stuff) for Group, Book 1: Activities to Initiate Group Discussion
  By: Chris Cavert, MS & Friends

“Making your group a fun place to be will encourage participation.  Adding some adventure (an undertaking involving the unknown) can create curiosity and motivate participation.”

This book is just what you asked for!  25 more engaging activities that require minimal and affordable props and adapt easily to different situations and age groups.  Each activity is a catalyst for topical discussions.  Some of the topics include expressing emotions, learning names, learning about each other, decision making, working with others, following directions, creative thinking, frustration, and communication. The author includes more games, more “What Would it Be Like…?” questions, and introduces a new “Metaphors” section.  Ideal for those who work with groups for therapeutic or educational purposes, this second book provides fun and creative initiatives for a group setting.
Tips & Tools: The Art of Experiential Group Facilitation
   By: Jennifer Stanchfield, MS

“Facilitation is an art, rather than a science.  By its very nature it is an experiential practice… it takes practice balanced with reflection and more practice… it is an ever dynamic process of give and take, learning and development.”

Group facilitators face the dilemma of how best to assist a group of participants in learning deeply.  Experiential education requires participant activity—mental or physical—and enthusiasm to guide sessions to meet the group’s needs and objectives.  Facilitators, then, must keep in mind key ingredients to making sessions work while remaining open to the group’s direction.

Tips and Tools explores the facilitator’s role in groups of all kinds and offers tools and activities to enhance group sessions.  The author reflects on aspects of effective facilitating, including personal style and a firm understanding of group backgrounds.  Strategies are offered to increase participant involvement and growth through efficient sequencing and reflection.  Tips and Tools serves as a guide and an inspiration for group facilitators who seek out new materials to help spark creativity, provide new insight, and encourage success.
Affordable Portables The Revised and Expanded Book on Raccoon Circles Cowstails and Cobras II
Affordable Portables
Our Price: $27.95
Cowstails and Cobras II
Our Price: $33.55
Affordable Portables: A Working Book of Initiative Activities & Problem Solving Elements
       By: Chris Cavert, EdD

Affordable Portables is an essential tool for counselors, educators, trainers, and others interested in beginning or boosting an experiential challenge program at minimal cost. Activity descriptions include instructions for course and activity construction, tips on group facilitating, and suggested discussion questions for processing. Games/demonstrations focus on enhancing inventiveness, resourcefulness, problem-solving techniques, and pro-social skills.

Activities contributed by: Lori Armstrong, Brian Brolin, Jim Cain, Madeline Constantine, Lenny Diamond, Craig Dobkin, Clay Fiske, Jackie Gerstein, Frank Harris, Clifford E. Knapp, Earl LaBlanc, Tom Leahy, Karl Rohnke, Sam Sikes, Tom Smith & Scott Trent.
The New and Revised Book on Raccoon Circles
   by Dr. Jim Cain and Dr. Tom Smith introduction by Karl Rohnke

You may have heard of Raccoon Circles before. This is the definitive resource that contains the official information for creating community, building a unified team, and actively learning together. It is complete with pictures, illustrations, processing information, history, and references. The 2007 edition added over 75 new activities! Be sure to pick up your new copy today.
Cowstails and Cobras II: A Guide to Games, Initiatives, Ropes Courses & Adventure Curriculum
     by: Karl Rohnke

Cowstails and Cobras II is a rewrite of Karl Rohnke's classic guide to games, initiative problems, and adventure activities. It contains much-and-more of what made up the original standard in Adventure Education, including sample curricula and leadership/debriefing skills. It includes an introduction to adventure concepts, warm-ups, games, initiatives, low elements and high elements.
The Bottomless Bag Revival Silver Bullets Quicksilver
Silver Bullets
Our Price: $37.95
Our Price: $47.20
The Bottomless Bag Revival
    by: Karl Rohnke

In The Bottomless BagRevival!, Karl Rohnke, also author of Silver Bullets and Cows Tails & Cobras, has distilled thirty fun-loving eclectic years of Outward Bound, Project Adventure, and High 5 Adventure Learning Center experiences. When asked about The Bottomless Bag Revival! he said, "The text, photos, and illustrations offer unique adventure curriculum information that's not only useful to read about, but enjoyable to thumb through.I like this large format edition, and I'm betting you will too."

If you're seeking user-friendly games, challenging initiatives, and exciting adventure stunts that can be confidently presented to educational, recreational, or corporate groups - you got `em right here - ice breaking warm ups, trust building activities, off-the-wall stunts, problem solving tasks, cooperative games, and over one hundred pages devoted to challenge rope course construction and implementation. Karl has jammed more adventure curriculum ideas, expository how to's, reasonably unreasonable schemes, personal vignettes, and action scenarios into these pages than any other book on the subject!
Silver Bullets: A Revised Guide to Initiative Problems, Adventure Games and Trust Activities
           By Karl Rohnke.

A classic guide to initiative problems, adventure games and trust activities, this book has been updated in honor of it's 25th anniversary. The activities of this book have all been used effectively by a variety of teachers, counselors, therapists, camp directors and church leaders. All have wanted an effective, engaging way to bring people together to build trust, and to break down the artificial barriers between individuals and groups of individuals. The curricula is alive and engaging; it is sequenced and adapted by practitioners to meet the needs of each group it serves. As formal curricula, these activities have been evaluated as having improved self-concept, enhanced the ability of members to take risks, and strengthened the willingness of group members to cooperate and work well together. Includes over 165 activities!
Quicksilver: Adventure Games, Initiative Problems, Trust Activities and a Guide to Effective Leadership
         by: Karl Rohnke and Steve Butler

QuickSilver includes ten years' worth of new ideas: Icebreakers, Warm-Ups, Games, Stunts, Initiatives, Trust Activities, Closures and more. There's a plethora of programmatic play in these pages, enough to delight even the most avid game collector.  

There is also a section on leadership, where the authors have combined their 43 years of experience to provide you with some insights into leading effective Adventure programs.  

Whether you are an experienced or novice Adventure leader, or just looking for ways to bring people together in a fun, positive and meaningful way, QuickSilver will surely become one of your most valued resources.
The Complete Ropes Course Manual- 4th Edition
The Complete Ropes Course Manual- 4th Edition: Facilitation Training, Safety Procedures, and Programming

by Karl Rohnke, Jim B. Wall, Catherine M. Tait and Don Rogers

This manual serves as a broad-based guideline for the successful operation of your challenge course facility. Whether your focus is therapeutic, educational, recreational, or organizational development, this manual will be a great addition to your challenge course library. This guide serves as a checklist of procedures, techniques, and responsibilities for Ropes Course facilitators. With this guide, you can review current operational equipment, expand your list of processing questions, manage your course safely, update staff training, and add to the experiential learning cycle.