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RP066 Large Single Prussik-Aluminium Petzl Tandem Double Speed Pulley CMI Ropes Course Cable Pulley
Bottom pulley for ISC ALF Efficient double pulley for travel along ropes and cables Secure way to provide a running belay on cable
Headrush Lightspeed Micro Trolley SMC Tandem Xtreme Pulley Shear Reduction DEvice
SMC Shuttle Xtreme Pulley
Our Price: $115.00
CMI Shear Reduction Device
Our Price: $123.95
The LightSpeed Micro is a compact, lightweight zip line trolley designed for durability. The fastest, lightest and most versatile tandem pulley on the market half-sheave design that creates a lighter block
Petzl Trac Pulley zip line pulley Tandem Zip Pulley Trolley Petzl Trac Plus Pulley, zip line pulley
Petzl Trac Pulley
Our Price: $139.95
Petzl Trac Plus Pulley
Our Price: $169.96
Double pulley for cable or rope traverse with integral VERTIGO carabiner. Cable pulley is the finest trolley for the ropes course and zip line industry. Trac Plus pulleys are the answer when it comes to long traverses in adventure parks.
Headrush Lightspeed EZ Clip Trolley ISC Zippey Clip'n'Zip Trolley - Flat Stoppers ISC Zipspeed Tandem Trolley
The LightSpeed EZ Clip Trolley is durable and lightweight, with easy, one-handed installation (just press the trigger against the zip line). It's also the fastest compact trolley on the market. high-spec 4mm aluminium plate, has a forged Aluminium gate and Stainless Steel wheels The Zipspeed Tandems represent industry leading Zipline Trolley innovation at its most affordable!